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Welcome to eVincE

We are Ahmedabad Based-Wrapping Paper Brand! We aim to deliver high-quality, fancy yet elegant gift covers to our varied clients. Founded in 2018, eVincE Infowraps is the brain child of Nirali Shah- a seasoned interior designer and a budding entrepreneur. Gift wrappers are not just a piece of paper but an emotion that evokes instant nostalgia for a happy moment. Gift wrappers are exciting; they are the hype builders, the mood-swingers, and most importantly, the smile bringers.

Nirali had been witnessing the joy of packaging since her childhood. Her father runs a wedding and invitation card printing business in the old city of Ahmedabad. Little Nirali was a regular pilgrim to her father’s card-printing workshop. She would devotedly observe craftsmen designing and carving wedding cards, tucking them inside beautiful covers, piling them up for dispatch. She noticed the with glee when those cards landed in the client’s hand. These cards weren’t merely invitation cards but a lifetime memory for couples.

Wrapping papers, however, had a limited shelf-life. People, mostly kids, do not resist tearing gift wrappers into bits & pieces while unwrapping their gifts. Uneconomical as well as harmful to the environment which is exactly what our aspiring entrepreneur did not want. Moreover, the desire to offer something unique and unconventional in a pool of numerous gift-wrapping companies persisted amongst the team. The focus remained on the LOOK, FEEL and CONTENT for the product. After many deal-breakers, the company came up with a quirky concept, i.e., info-based or message-based wrapping papers!


About Nirali Shah

Nirali, the founder of eVincE Infowraps, is an interior designer and an alumnus of the renowned CEPT University. Before jumping into the startup ring, she worked as an independent interior designer for over a decade. Although designing homes was more of a passion than a job, making someone’s dream come true was satisfying to her. Yet, interior designing was merely a milestone than the final destination.

Born with a mind of an artist, she saw symmetry in nature, patterns in structures, and emotions in tangible things. Her father’s printing workshop was where she found all of these. She practically grew up in that space, seeing all the magic happen and her father operating all of it from his desk. She was fascinated with the art of presentations in the gifting culture and wished to try her luck in the gifting industry.

It was simple. Has any lover ever discarded a love letter? Never. The idea was to serve wrapping papers equivalent to love notes or greeting cards. But what about kids? Every parent wishes to see their kids with a book in their hands, ALL THE TIME! So, the team came up with fact-based papers. Evince has theme-based wrapping papers for all age groups and every purpose.

That’s what makes eVincE stand apart from others. One cannot negate the use of a wrapping paper which is packed with facts and knowledge. eVinCe gift wrappers are a new generation mixtape, made with love, personalised to the core and brings a smile on face. Moreover, paper breeds in your brain- unwrap it carefully, read it attentively and preserve it your memory box. eVincE wrapping papers orchestrate a perfect moment which even your event manager will fail at!

Evince produces thick, matte and premium wrapping papers that are reusable and recyclable. Initially, there were only standard-size and half-size paper available, but with expansion of clientele, option for customized sizes was availed. Crossword Ltd was our first retail customer. Our wrapping papers were sold in three cities- Pune, Mumbai and Chennai. Yet, the target audience has always been international customers. Presently, the company caters to eight major countries- INDIA- USA – UK – UAE – ITALY – GERMANY – FRANCE – CANADA-SINGAPORE with over 100 products.

It is said that ‘Now’ is always the right to execute one’s dreams. But it is hardly the case for most women. Ladies have to accomplish their aspirations by abiding by their biological clock, as did Nirali. She soon got married and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Always striving to strike a symmetry between career and home, a hot cup of tea at her parents’ or her father’s office was a quick getaway amidst the chaos. Nirali had been a regular visitor to his workshop. It is where her love for design was conceived. Inspired by her father, she wanted to start her own wedding stationery business. But, running around the house trying to feed her babies and feeding changes to her clients, she had no time to plan her own venture. And after 12 years of toiling in the interior designing world, Nirali finally said, “It’s a wrap!”. It was time to work on the childhood dream which was still brewing on the back burner.

She discussed her big idea with her family and friends and received a positive response. First, the idea was to start a wedding stationery business, but then Nirali chose a more centered product. At the time, a very urgent question persisted- who would buy a designer wrap when one can avail cheaper ones from the gift shops? So, donning a marketing cap, she worked with a team of branding experts to make her product stand out. A couple of meetings later, a decision was made- personalized designer wraps. i.e., gift wraps with messages. She designed wrapping papers with facts and notes customized for special occasions. Everything is to be printed in 80-120 gsm fine quality art paper in standard-size and half-quality papers.

Crosswords were Evince’s first client. Indeed, a proud moment to see beautiful gift wrappers on their counters. Soon, there were international tie-ups with export companies. Her products traveled to the US, the UK, UAE, Singapore, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. Her parents were swelled with pride to see their daughter working up that business acumen. But then, Covid-19 came as an uninvited visitor and sat on the business. Everything stopped for a moment. As the ‘new normal’ era began, it was time to start all over again! It was a crisis that Nirali felt glad to face at an early stage of her enterprise. She took a more focused approach and revamped her marketing and sales strategies. She prioritized the online listing of her products and expanded her target audience to teenagers from India and abroad. With a few minor and many significant amendments, Evince is inching further with renewed strategies and a refreshing mindset.