Circular Tags to Complete your Gifts _ Assorted _ set of 12

$ 2.40

enjoy embelleshing your gifts with eVincE circular tags and let your folks smile at the surprising facts they read with their name on it.. We bet – they wont throw away the tag for sure.. Instead will look for its innovative use..!

Circular Tags to re use as Coasters _ set of 12 Tags

$ 2.40

the basic shape and the most loved shape ever right from your childhood days… a shape showing endless.. Eternal connections with your loved ones.

Decorate with Tags – Stick it or Dangle it _ set of 12 assorted circular tags

$ 2.40

adorn your packed gifts with evince papers or news papers or any plain paper.. Our informative tags will add an extra level of sophistication and respect to your wrapped gifts… just punch it and you can use it on the paper bags as dangling cute tags… if you receive it as a gift… use it as a coaster till it lasts, it will add happy moments always !


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Tag It ! And complete your Gifts _ set of 12 tags

$ 2.40

use one.. Use two… use three… its upto you to make your gift look happy with circular tags… more you put it on your gifts more information you share…put 4 if you want them to make a set of 4 coasters or else 6 of them for our indian folks :))