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All the variety of xmas . Christmas mixed Gift Wrapping Paper

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Marry Christmas! Celebrate Festival with Interesting and Informative Wrappers..

4 Assorted designs with some Christmas Facts | Wrap your gift with love and facts
Green Bell Red green Tree Christmas Stamps White Red xmas Pattern fine Quality Papers

Medium : 70 x 50 cms | 28″ x 20″
80 Gsm Cromo PAPER
Ideal to wrap 11″ x 16″ x 3″ | 27 x 40 x 7.5 cms boxes (width x height x thickness)

Christmas : New Year gifts

Wrap it for curious : Kids : Children : Adults : Him : Her : Men : Women : grandpa : grandma

Unwrap & Reuse : Book Covers, paper craft, decor, file covers, Scrapbook, envelopes, paper bags Or Just Recycle it.


SKU: XMAS01101206L
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Every little Gift which Wraps itself to Surprise You with Lots of Love and Fun Facts


So That Paper can be used beyond Just Wrapping Gifts !


More than one. First is to learn New Facts… Respect Paper… Novel Designs.


Not a very good idea with Paper Products, so Please avoid. But if you still need to Return, Please Contact Us.


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