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Monkeys | Cars | Books Fact Filled Wraps


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Introducing our captivating Fact-Filled Gift Wraps, a trio of educational wonders for curious young minds! Discover monkeys, cars, and books through colorful illustrations and intriguing facts.

Let the Monkey Fact Filled Wrap take you on a wild primate adventure. Engage with cars of all kinds through the exciting Cars Fact Filled Wrap.

Immerse in the world of books with the captivating Book Fact Filled Wrap. Expand horizons and ignite the love for learning. Fact-Filled Gift Wraps is the ultimate blend of education and entertainment. Don’t miss this chance to inspire young explorers!

MONKEY| CARS | BOOK. 3 Designs (5 of each) 15 Wraps for your thoughtful Gift Wrapping Needs. Thrill the kids with some lovely facts with attractive designs. A Paper beyond just Wrapping Paper. Sharing Wisdom. Be it for kids or an adult, Knowing Facts has no age bar. You would feel Happy to spend for. A Paper With a Value.

Size 50 x 70 cms | 20″ x 28″ | 80 Gsm Fine Thick Matte Paper | Made In India
Birthday Anniversary Halloween Easter Christmas Diwali New Year Holiday Gifts Mothers day Fathers Day Promotion Business Gifts | all occasion | all ages of him and her.

Premium Quality Paper : Reuse it for craft, scrapbook making or book covers or just Recycle it. A Paper Beyond Just Wrapping Gifts. Be Thoughtful !


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Every little Gift which Wraps itself to Surprise You with Lots of Love and Fun Facts


So That Paper can be used beyond Just Wrapping Gifts !


More than one. First is to learn New Facts… Respect Paper… Novel Designs.


Not a very good idea with Paper Products, so Please avoid. But if you still need to Return, Please Contact Us.


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Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Satisfy your curiosity and expand your knowledge with our fact-filled gift wraps featuring monkeys, cars, and books. Click now to learn more!