Make your gifts special with our gift-wrapping paper. Our gift wraps come for all occasions. We make your gifts look beautiful and unique.

It’s a Wrap! Few Facts and Lot of Smiles !!

Informative Gift Wrapping Paper

A Gift Wrap.Paper with a Purpose:
Purpose to Wrap the Gifts, Purpose to learn new facts, Purpose to value its source !


We present eVince Infowraps-our high-quality wrapping paper with lots of facts. We have made it a mission to make gift wrapping a unique experience with our fun-fact and message-based gift wraps. eVincE gift wrappers are a new generation mixtape made with love and personalized to the core to put a smile on your face. Our gift wrap stays in your memory as you read them attentively while unwrapping your gifts. It’s a wrapping meant to be preserved. With eVincE wrapping papers, you orchestrate a perfect moment for your loved ones. So, come and experience the joy of wrapping like never before!

We are an unconventional gift-wrapping paper brand that focuses on transforming intangible out of tangible things. We create smiles, knowledge, and moments with our fact-based gift-wrapping paper. Our wrappers are comprehensive messages for your loved ones, a fun learning program for your children, and a memorable souvenir for the recipient.


Good quality paper , colors are as shown . Totally enjoying using the sheets . Will buy again from this company. Thnx


I loved this. Good material, strong wrapping paper that wouldn't tear easily. I also used it for abit of craft. Was just perfect for dinosaur themed birthday party. Thnks


Love this wrapping paper!! Very good quality paper. Each pattern is unique and interesting. Just wish it came with larger size selection for the bigger gifts.


I used this for my granddaughters birthday gifts. She loved the paper. I also cut out some of the pictures in the shape of eggs to decorate our windows during the Covid shutdown over Easter.

Nancy Fleegle

We decided to have a valentine day party in this lockdown year, any excuse for a party right! I used this paper to wrap the gifts, it is truly superb quality, i have some left and plan to use it for other romantic occasions, i will be buying my wrapping paper from there from now on.

Amazon Customer

Really good quality paper and love the arty design. Sometimes the wrapping came undone but that may be down to the quality of the sticky tape. Had plenty of sheets to wrap lots of presents for ‘daddy’ with some left over. Wanted something to look special and this did the job. Delivered promptly.


Good quality wrapping paper. Item was well packed n delivered in great condition. Will buy again


Really happy with this wrapping paper, very original, the drawing look good and the wrapping paper is in good quality so it is easy to wrap without tearing the paper. I will order again for the next birthdays of my kids.


I was looking for some birthday wrapping paper for my daughter's present that was also recyclable. This is cute, informative, and recyclable, so it fits the bill. My daughter did enjoy it. The printing was a little fuzzy, but otherwise it was great and as advertised.


This paper is of great quality! I expected it to be as thin as the store bought ones, but was very surprised at the durability and thickness of the paper, as well as the quality of the art work on there. I had originally bought the paper for a birthday present , but im keeping the rest for myself haha


Perfect for the Dino theme party. Thick sheet, clean prints. Keeping a pencil at the bottom for size reference. Dinos are so cute . Came rolled , covered in clear plastic. Inside the normal amazon cover . Delivery well within time .


Purchased the gift wraps from EVINCE thought full presentation. It’s really thoughtful same as their brand. The quality of papers were so good. Really loved the product. Definitely recommended for birthday parties! Thank so much for enhancing our special occasion! Great work!

Steffi Chandran

I have designated 2021 as the year of the books. All birthday presents this week will be books, now wrapped in wrapping paper with images of and quotes from books. Perfect


Lovely wrapping paper, very thick and extremely tactile. Delighted the recipient who loved the musical facts and quotes, maybe a few more would have been nice.

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