Weddings. A match made in heaven but celebrated on earth. Being an integral part of Indian culture, this auspicious occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. It is not only the union of two souls but it is seen as the union of two families. The ceremony is held for families to come together and display their love and affection for the newlyweds and wish them well in their life together. This is the time for all to come together and participate in music, dance, good food, and exchange of gifts beautifully wrapped with SimpleEvince gift wrapping papers.

Indian wedding is an opportunity for people to showcase their traditions, custom, and culture. It is the time when they bring out their colorful attire —based on the theme of the wedding. Weddings also allow people to shop for the best clothing and gifts for the newlyweds.

Weddings Gifts—Eternal Memories, Eternal Love.

Not only in India, but the tradition of gift-giving is practiced worldwide. Giving gifts is usually associated with festive occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and many more. However, the nature of the gift can vary greatly depending on the occasion and the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Moreover, when the gift is wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper, it acts as a token of appreciation, love, and gratitude toward someone. Gifts are a great way to show someone you like them and make them feel special. When you give a gift to the couple, you are expressing good wishes to strengthen the relationship with eternal memories and love.

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right is overwhelming—unless it’s love at first sight (we can’t argue that). But, we can apply the same philosophy when choosing the right gift for the happy couple.

Wedding gifts are an essential part of celebrations in India, and several gifts are popular among couples. Traditional gifts such as jewelry, household appliances, and furniture are among the most popular.

Many newlyweds prefer more personal and meaningful gifts, such as photo albums or unique keepsakes. Another typical wedding gift in India is cash or vouchers that the couple can use to finance their honeymoon or other expenses. In addition, many couples also opt for eco-friendly and sustainable gifts.

Overall, the trend for wedding gifts in India is to give something valuable and meaningful that will be remembered for many years. So, choosing the right gift can sometimes become a complex process. But do not worry. We provide you with the trending wedding gifts in India below.

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1) Home Appliance

Home appliance is the first thing that pops into our head when choosing a gift for the newlyweds. And why not? After all, these are the kinds of gifts that make the home sweet home even sweeter. Moreover, home appliances are reasonably practical as they make it easier when doing chores while improving quality of life. So, choose a dishwasher, a washing machine, or an expresso machine. They will be ever grateful for such a lovely gift. Wrapped in a SimplyEvince custom-size gift wrap, ensure you top it off with a beautiful ribbon bow.

2) Spa Treatment

A day at the Spa is yet another fantastic pre-wedding gift you can give couples. After all, they deserve a little pampering before the big day. So, a gift to rejuvenate themselves with massages, facials, and other treatments will help revitalize them and get them all pepped for their wedding day.

Evince Ahmedabad
Evince Ahmedabad

3) Honeymoon Package

A memorable gift is to send the happy couple on their honeymoon. With a honeymoon package, you give the couple the gift of adventure, romance, and relaxation. A honeymoon package includes everything they need, whether they want to visit a new city, relax on a tropical beach, or hit the slopes. Think of the memories and stories they’ll be telling years from now. So instead of a traditional wedding gift, why not give them the trip of a lifetime? Allow them to start their happy life in style!

4) Photo Album

A photo album may seem simple and traditional, but it will be cherished for a lifetime. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the wedding and provides the bride and groom with a place to keep their fondest memories and share them with future generations. In today’s digital age, a physical photo album is a refreshing contrast to scrolling through a phone or computer. Plus, it can be painted and personalized to the couple’s liking, making it a unique and personal gift. A wedding album is a classic choice that will be remembered for years.

Evince Ahmedabad
Evince Ahmedabad

5) Jewelry

Jewelry as a wedding gift is sophisticated, elegant, and always on trend. Plus, it’s a gift the happy couple will cherish for the rest of their lives. A matching pair of wedding rings is a traditional option, but there are other options, such as a beautiful necklace, an eye-catching watch, or even a pair of earrings. Remember that jewelry can also have symbolic meaning, such as a locket with a photo of the couple or a piece of jewelry that has been passed down through generations. It’s also a gift that can be worn on the big day and many years later. Therefore, consider jewelry as a wedding gift if you want to give something beautiful and meaningful. It will be a lasting memory of the big day.

6) Gift Hampers

Gift baskets as a wedding gift seem to be a simple and boring option but think again. It is a beautiful and practical gift that the couple will be happy to receive. Since there are so many options, you can tailor the gift basket to the couple’s hobbies and needs. For example, for a couple that likes to relax, you can create a basket with dried fruit, chocolate, organic products, cosmetics, or wellness items.

It can also be aesthetically wrapped, making it ideal for presentation. A gift basket is a great wedding gift that both delights and supports the happy couple. It’s the kind of gift that will be passed down through generations!

Evince Ahmedabad
Evince Ahmedabad

7) Go Digital

Digital devices make great wedding gifts. Give the happy couple a gift they’ll be glad to receive, such as a fancy new tablet they can use to watch movies on long trips or a smartwatch that will keep them updated. A high-quality camera will help them capture all the beautiful events of their wedding day and the years to come. A fitness tracker will help them stay motivated and on track if they love to exercise. Give the gift of technology that they will truly appreciate and use.

8) Home Furnishing

Give the bride and groom something to make them feel comfortable in their new home. A cozy blanket so they can cozy up on the couch, a stylish vase for their fresh flowers, or a set of fluffy bath towels. A high-quality set of modern kitchen utensils for the couple if they love to cook. On the other hand, a fresh mattress or a plush rug will make them feel like they are floating on clouds. When you give comfortable and stylish home furnishing as a gift, you will be recognized as the best wedding gift giver.

Evince Ahmedabad
Evince Ahmedabad

9) Sustainable Gifts

Sustainable wedding gifts are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people become aware of their actions that impact the environment. These gifts are environmentally friendly, meaningful, and practical for the couple. Some sustainable gifts can include.

  • Kitchen utensils made from sustainable resources like bamboo help reduce the use of plastic and other synthetic materials.
  • Household cleaners made from natural ingredients and without harsh chemicals are better for the environment and your home.
  • Cloth bags to carry groceries from the store, reducing the need for plastic bags.

10) Clothes

Clothing is a fantastic wedding gift. It is something that the couple would love to wear. So, whether it’s a great sweater for the bride and groom, a fancy new suit, or a beautiful dress for the bride, with so many choices online and in stores, you will find something that suits the taste of the newlyweds.

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Make a Lasting Impression

Consider the couple’s interests and lifestyle when choosing wedding gifts. For example, a digital device or home decoration can be a great way to demonstrate your interest and usefulness. Other options include a romantic trip, sustainable products, or handmade items. The most important thing is that what you choose is genuine. It’s also a good idea to check the couple’s guestbook or ask close friends or relatives for ideas, as they may know better what the couple likes.

Now that you have chosen your gift. Let us SimplyEvince take care of the wrapping part. Our elegant, sophisticated, and customized gift-wrapping service will make your gift-giving memorable. Visit us at