Floral Bundle(05) for Thoughtful Fun Designs | 25 Wraps : 5 Designs


Blue & Pink Floral + Yellow Floral + Green Leaf 01 + Mauve Leaf 02 + Word Search – 5 Designs | 5 Wrapping papers of each design | Total 5 Rolls – 25 sheets | Interesting Bold Designs with Fun Facts on Premium Quality Gift Wrapping Paper | Modern day Fun Attractive Wraps for intriguing young minds | Wrap it for all occasions for animal lovers, kids, men & women | 70 x 50 cms : 28″ x 20″ | 80 GSM Gloss Art Paper

Product Meta
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“Paper, as an important resource, is the need of an hour. Really? Doesn’t look like when we see the use of Wrapping Papers.
If not environment friendly, lets at least add Value.. a real value to the use of our Resource.
Thus, eVincE was born in 2017 to take wrapping paper beyond just Wrapping Gifts.
A gift creates a happy loved feel for the receiver, But a thoughtfully wrapped gift creates a lasting impression on Heart and Brain !
Happy Positive Facts on Bold Designs is eVincE’s identity !

As a Matter of Fact, eVincE is a Wrapper of Facts !!