INCUBYTE | SOFTWARE COMPANY | AHMEDABAD | The team mate Ms. Aarohi knew as we serve them as Companys Gratuity Partners. Highly Pleased with the services and on time delivery of the Gifts, the team confided in our ability to deliver the best for the festive season. Since its more of remote work culture, dispatching the festivities on time to various addresses was on top. The products were sourced and put to gather for the best presentation. The team also had handwritten notes for their team to go along with the Diwali Gifts. Putting all together – Festive Lights – Scented Candles – put together in the metal festive bowls – Baklava sweets wrapped along with the box with handwritten notes and finally wrapped with brand Wrapping Paper designed and printed for the Project. Safe Packing while shipping was absolutely noted and worked on. 

Inhouse :  Designing the Box with Goodies | Hand Written Note Paper | Styled Wrapping for The occasion with Brand Papers | Dispatches to Respective Addresses and their Tracking till end

Sourced out : Baklava Sweets – scented candles – Festive Lights – Metal Box with Wooden lid and ornate handle

Quantity : 50 Diwali Gifts 

Total Project Time : 4 Weeks