Logo Prints on eVincE design | 1000 Cut size wrapping sheets

Ms. Bindiya | Unik Creations | Bangalore | Connect through Google. She approached with her requirement of customizing the wrapping sheets but not just logo. She selected eVincE design and we personalised it with her brand logo.   They shared the logo and we placed it on eVincE design Wrapping paper. Communicating Through Whatsapp – followed up with design options and its feedback – all on whatsapp and calls. And the design was freezed in a week. Once final artwork was approved the production took place in next 5-7 days and the wraps were ready. Sounds simple ? Yes we made it simple and easy for  her –  Dispatched to Bangalore address.

Size : 14″ x 10″ (1/4th of standard size 28″ x 20″)

Paper :  80 Gsm Matte finish Paper

Quantity : 1000 sheets 

FLOW OF WORK : We got the logo |Our team designed the apt artworkon eVincE wrapping Paper | To and Fro process for finalising the design | Final approved design was taken in Production | The Prints are Ready | Wrapping Papers were made as per their requirement | Packed together with stiffeners to avoid damage en route & delivered at Bangalore Address