Nowadays, people give gifts as a formality. However, more than mere formality gifts are a beautiful way of sending our emotions and showing our appreciation towards someone.
But, here we encounter the very obvious question – how do you appreciate someone you like? One of the simplest yet smartest ways to show how much you value someone special can be through a gift. YES! Who doesn’t love colourful surprises packed with a chic and beautiful gift wrapper?

William James, a psychologist, said that appreciation is one of the deepest desires in people. But, it really doesn’t take the smartest person to figure this out, does it?
Each one of us has so many people who make our life way better and easier. From our family, neighbours to our office colleagues or even our acquaintances, the list is never ending. And valuing all the good people around us can bring about a great change in our lives.

Appreciating or showing gratitude towards someone is not much difficult how people think it is. If you are a business owner, you can simply praise your employees for good work, give financial incentives or even give a lovely gift packed with a unique wrapping paper to say ‘Thank You’. Apart from this, you can try to make this a regular practice at the workplace to let employees know that you care and they are valuable to you.

I believe we should not always wait for special occasions to tell someone how much they matter to us. Rather, we should try to make even the normal days feel special.

Gifts are a tangible gesture that everyone appreciates (as I said, what goes around comes around. But there’s yet another inexpensive, genius little hack to get the most out of gifts. Gift Wrappers create a psychological effect which makes the receiver feel valued and loved.

SMU Marketing Professor Dan Howard in 1992 even released a research paper on ‘Psychology behind wrapping paper.’’ It talks about an experiment which showed how a gift-wrapped item influences the recipient to have a more favourable attitude towards owning the gift item. [Source:The Psychology behind Wrapping Paper]

Effects of using special Gift Wrapper for special people

Appreciating people through beautifully wrapped gifts is easier than you think. You don’t have to get them a Macbook air pro, just think differently. A normal gift card can stand out too, just wrap it with a good quality wrapping paper and put all your love into words. You can communicate to people how you love every little thing about them. If you are lucky you find a gift wrapper with facts on it about something they’d enjoy.

For example, a gift wrap especially designed for your youtuber friend. Isn’t that amazing? Or maybe some decorative wrapping paper with facts for your small children who love cartoons. Is your child a big fan of ‘Finding Nemo’ ? Guess what, here’s something which your kid will definitely love.

There is no dearth of people you can appreciate, from your boss to your colleagues to your old neighbour. Go an extra mile and get something different. Maybe you can try experimenting with different gift wrapper sheets and convey your feelings through them. As a personal suggestion, you can try such gift wrapper designs which compliment your emotions. This will give you a plus point at making their gift unwrapping experience memorable.

Do share your experiences of giving and receiving unexpected gifts which are still close to your heart 🙂