Weddings are a major part of our culture and a lot of bustle lies around it. From attire to decoration, it is a one-time event that we want to be perfect. We handpick everything and attend to every minute detail from the rituals to the food. Amidst the enchantment of wedding festivities, there exists a ritual: the act of presenting a gift. Apart from the main ceremony, the fun and the core memory lie in sitting together with the family curating and gift packing for friends and family- all the guests of the wedding. Be it the hosts, the guests, or the team bride and the team groom- all the parties express their heartfelt blessings and well wishes for the newlywed.

This wedding season, let us transform a thoughtful gesture into an unforgettable memory for the couples, through flawless gift-wrapping ideas.

Gift Packing Ideas

1. You, as a host

If you have a family wedding and the responsibility of presenting the goodies at the rituals, you can highlight those mundane ritual goodies as well through great presentations. You can also outshine and make a memorable impact by customizing the return gifts with a personal touch. Here are some fresh ideas and tips for you–

Self-designed sheets. Use self-designed transparent or translucent wrapping paper sheets to cover the sweets and fruit baskets. This will not only showcase the gifts but give it a touch of elegance too.

Pack the goodies or keep them in gift bags. Add customized tags on the goodies with a heartfelt and meaningful message for the guests. This works for return gifts as well as Haldi ceremonies and catches the eye.

3-D packaging is in! With ribbons, craft papers and Wrapping Paper Sheets, create 3-D designs for the ritual goodies to look grandeur.

Theme-based wrapping always works. Choosing a color or a theme for every event and ceremony in the wedding is trending. What will enhance and complement this is choosing gift bags and gift packing which goes well with the theme. Customized gift paper is the way to go! Or maybe just choose a neutral color to pack the goodies in, which suits the eye.

Another idea is to assign two symbols to both the team bride and the team groom and pack them with customized gift wrapping paper of the same symbols and colors. For example, a symbol for the groom’s side can be a moustache and the one for the bride can choose a veil or simply a nose ring.

2. You, as a guest

Choosing the perfect gift for the new couple is difficult. But the presentation can be elevated with just some simple tricks.

Go conventional. The tags always work. A handwritten blessing on a gift is what the couple remembers after looking at a thousand gift packages. You may also add to write about the most beloved memory you will have from the wedding.

Keep the packing simple. As said, there are way too many gifts for the newlywed and the family to open. Simple gift packaging gives a minimal yet aesthetic look to the gifts.

Make the envelopes worth keeping. It is a common ritual to offer envelopes at weddings but it can get too mundane at times. Level up your game of envelopes with self-designed, printed, crafted, and customized envelopes with messages and pictures. An uncommon idea is to convert a letter into an envelope for a loved one’s wedding. For the longest time, they will save and cherish it!

As the wedding season approaches, let these tips be your guide to crafting impeccable gift presentations that resonate with elegance and sentimentality. Let your gifts, enveloped in the grace of eVincE’s meticulously selected gift wrapping paper, embody the care, attention, and blessings you extend to the newlyweds on their special day.