Every year, people easily spend millions and billions on purchasing wrapping paper. Seeing the excitement of opening an amazingly wrapped gifts is what encourages people to purchase and wrap a gift – adding a meaning to the gift! Not only a wrapping paper adds a meaning to the gifts, but a paper filled with facts expresses your emotions to the people you are gifting to!

It is important to master the art of perfectly wrapping a gift, something that requires proper time and attention. Right from picking a perfect gift, an apt wrapper & putting effort into wrapping would show care, importance, and attention to the receiver. Below are some amazing ideas on wrapping your presents to make them decorative and stand out from the rest!

Letter Stamps

Cut out a name tag of any colour that works well with the wrapping paper you have selected! Take different coloured stamps of alphabets and stamp out the receiver’s name with different colours for each letter!

All Time Favourite – Bows

Take complementing or contrasting coloured ribbons for your gifts and simply tying them as bows on top of the paper is surely to make your presents pop from the rest!

Gift Packing Ideas
Gift Packing Ideas


Wrap your gifts vertically or horizontally with couple of strings! Whether you simply leave some equal space between each string or additional creativity with the strings to draw out some product, the results would be striking. You may also use the strings to hold the gift wrap together without adding any additional tapes. Using less tapes in wrapping would also ease the possibility of recycling the gift-wrapping paper!

Boxes Covered with Facts

Having difficulties adding extra elements? Simply adding a wrapping paper with informative fun facts is surely to leave the receiver impressed!


Adding a touch of leaves and cinnamon with your wrapping paper gives an amazing piece of décor. The cinnamon would give the gift a nice fragrance.

Make your gifts modern looking, add a unique touch and inspire the rest with fact filled gift wrap ideas – making your gifts look professionally and uniquely wrapped and connecting you well with the receiver. If you have liked the information presented within the blog, make sure to share on your social media pages with the icons below!